“The use of plant oil as fuel may seem insignificant today.
But such products can in time become just as important as kerosene and these coal-tar-products of today.”

- Rudolf Diesel (1911) inventor of the diesel engine


NextCAT is commercializing a series of catalysts for use in biodiesel production.

With a world class team of catalysis experts, an experienced management team, and industry leading strategic partners, NextCAT sits poised to help turnaround an industry that will not only lessen our dependence on foreign oil, but also improve our environment.

Developed at the National Biofuels Energy Lab at Wayne State University, the NextCAT solution allows producers to lower their overall production costs through savings in not only the incoming feedstock but the process as well through fewer process steps and higher efficiency.

Let NextCAT enable you to profitably produce the next generation of biodiesel.

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